Security & Encryption FAQ

Here are the answers to many common questions concerning the security features of Phoenix Server.

What file encryption is used for audio (dictation) files while in transit across the internet/intranet?

Files that are uploaded to the Phoenix Server via the HTTPS protocol are encrypted while in transit. This includes files that are created through PhoenixTalk or PcDictate II and are configured to upload using HTTPS instead of HTTP. In addition, files created on a digital portable and uploaded via the HTTPS from Dss Extractor Pro are also encrypted. The Apache Web Server is used by Phoenix. For more information on SSL, visit the official Apache website.

Are the audio files encrypted on the Phoenix Server locally?

No they are not. Also, encrypting the files with a third-party application or Microsoft Windows' file encryption feature, would prevent Phoenix from performing routine file access and maintenance. As long as you use HTTPS for iNet 3 and diction uploading, and do not share the VoiceSolutions root directory, then the audio files would not be accessible unless a user is logged onto the server locally.

Can I disable HTTP on the Phoenix Server and use just HTTPS?

Yes you can. If you plan to use HTTPS for iNet 3 and all file uploading, then the HTTP port will not be used and can be blocked in your firewall and disabled in Apache Web Server (how to disable HTTP).

What can I do to make the Phoenix Server as secure as possible?

  • Change the default user login password (applicable only with prebuilt Phoenix servers)
  • Disable the VoiceSolutions folder share (if shared) and do not install any remote Phoenix Navigators for administration
  • Only use the HTTPS port for iNet 3, PcDictate II, and Dss Extractor Pro
  • If you have telephony lines, create a Phoenix system administrator telephony password
  • Create a Phoenix Navigator system administrator password
  • If you have telephony lines and your authors have the review function enabled, create telephony review passwords for all author profiles
  • Create passwords for all typist profiles with iNet 3

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