System Manager - Categories

Categories are basically predefined filters, using from one up to six different demographic fields. These filters, or categories, can then be used to control typist permissions, job filtering/sequence, and even exporting.

Permissions Example
Typists could be restricted from viewing all available dictation on the server and be limited to only certain categories. These categories could then be very specific, such as only dictation from Mr. Matthews or memos.

Filtering/Sequence Example

Typists using iNet can save time from manually sorting through available dictation by requesting with categories. It could be very specific, such as dictation from Dr. Jones with worktype 12 and department 4, followed by worktype 14 from Dr. Smith. Or it could be as simple as worktype 6 from any author. Granted, such filtering can be done directly in iNet, but by creating them on the server ensures that they are available no matter what computer or office the user is at.

Exporting Example
Perhaps dictation from Dr. Jones and Smith is to be exported to a third-party transcription company. This can easily be done by selecting them as the authors and configuring the export path.


Each category has several options that can be configured.

Making Changes

To save any changes you have made, you must click the Update button. To duplicate a channel, click Copy, go to the category you want to modify, and then click Paste.

The Clear button will remove all configuration for that category.