System Manager - System Config

Most of system's global settings are configured from the System screen.

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Configuration Tab
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Configuration Tab

System Identifier
This can be any 4 digit numeric and should be unique to each Voice Solutions system on your network, as it allows the source server to be traced for a dictation.

These paths are extremely important to the correct functionality of the system. Although they can be modified, it is recommended that you leave them to their defaults. Dss
These options only affect how Dss files are handled by the system.

Extended Fields
These options control extended functionality for telephony dictation. In addition to the standard Subject prompt for telephony dictation, two additional fields can be enabled which are customizable. They still have to be enabled on the user's profile.

Making Changes

To save any changes you have made, you must click the Apply button. Close will save and exit the screen.

The Revert button will restore the settings back to their last saved configuration.