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VS Recorder (VS-REC)

Product Type: Telephony Dictation

VS Recorder Overview
Now anyone can enjoy this convenience at an exceptionally affordable price. Up to four telephony lines can be ran off of a user's existing computer, via a USB port. This allows you to dictate from a landline phone, DID extensions, cell phone, or even a DAC telephony dictate station. This product comes in 2 and 4 port models.

How VS Recorder works
Having plugged up to four telephone lines into VS Recorder’s external telephony card, a USB cable connects to the desired host PC. The user interface software is loaded and after a few configuration settings are made, you may begin dictating. The dictation is now ready for transcription! VS Recorder’s interface allows vast customization to suit each user’s needs. Using different user profiles you can configure over a dozen different settings. In addition, each phone line has an array of preferences you can adjust according to your needs.

VS Recorder is a unique product in that in provides telephony dictation without a dedicated and costly server. Here are some additional reasons for choosing VS Recorder:

Creates Wave audio files for compatibility with other applications
Custom user profiles
User-friendly interface makes administrative tasks a breeze
Compatible with our iChannel Express transcription solution
Automated backups
VS Recorder gives you the versatility of dictating anywhere in the world at anytime. Check out these other benefits:

Save Money: Eliminate costly analog tapes or expensive telephony server maintenance
Reduced Support: VS Recorder can run on any standard Windows computer
Freedom: Dictate when on the go or when out of town
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Convenience of call-in dictation without a costly telephony server
Dictate from anywhere, anytime
Compatible with DAC telephony dictate stations
Uses Wave format for compatibility with most third-party transcription solutions
Custom author profiles allow each user to have the features and setup they need
Create custom greetings for each user
Audible prompts guide the user through the process
Enter demographic data for a dictation with several different fields
Find the dictation you want fast with custom filters
See who is dictating with the Activity Monitor
Keep your data safe with the application's automatic backup feature
Can run as a service so even if you are not logged into your computer, users can dictate
View detailed demographic information for each dictation, such as when it was dictated, its status, subject/case/patient number, worktype, department, length, and much more

VS-REC/2: 2 port USB voice card
VS-REC/4: 4 port USB voice card
Package Contents
VS Recorder Telephony Card
VS Recorder Software CD
USB cable
Quick Start Guide (PDF)
User Guide (PDF)

7" tall x 5" wide x 1" deep

Recording Format: Wave
Recording Modes: Wave, Wave with XML, Voice Solutions
File Size: 480k per minute
PC Interface: USB 2.0
Telephony Card Power Source: Power from USB
Demographic Fields: 18
Maximum Author Profiles: 99
Keymaps: 9
OS Supported
Microsoft Windows XP SP3
Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2016 and 2019
Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10

Processor: Dual-core
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 200 MB
Additional Requirements: Sound card, 1 powered USB port & internet access (to activate)
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