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Repair Center

If you are an end-user it is recommended that you first contact the local dealer that sold and installed your DAC products as you may have a warranty or prepaid contract with them.

If you are a dealer we recommend speaking with our technical staff to verify you are having a hardware issue prior to shipping the unit in for repair.

NOTE: We do not cross-ship with warranty items. We recommend having product loaners in stock.

Ship Units To Ship Units To
Digital Accessories Corp
2021 Art Museum Dr Ste 100
Jacksonville, Fl 32207
Include with Unit Include With Unit
Company Name
Purchase Order
Contact Person
Return Address
Contact Number
Model of Defective Item(s)
Serial Number(s)
Description of Malfunction

Warranty Policy Warranty Policy

Telephony stations:
   Up to 6 months = NO CHARGE
   6-12 months = $35 (per item)
   1-2 years = $60 (per item)
   2+ years = $60 plus parts (per item)

Foot Controls & Microphones:
   Up to 180 days = NO CHARGE
   180+ days = $35 plus parts* (per item)
   *Waterproof foot controls are $55 plus parts

   Up to 1 year = NO CHARGE
   1+ year repair = $110 plus parts

Note: Cross shipments are not allowed. We recommend that dealers keep product loaners in stock for quicker customer service.
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