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Product Type: Telephony Dictate Station

Note: Limited Stock Availability

Need your hands free while dictating? Using a foot control, all your basic functions can be done while allowing optimal freedom. The DA-114/HF is a favorite in pathology departments and doctors labs, but can useful for a variety of other applications. You can connect and dictate to any telephony enabled dictation system. This includes our Voice Solutions Server as well as Dolbey Fusion, Winscribe, DVI, and more.

There are several options for this product, including various microphone selections.

  • Features
  • Microphones
  • Details
  • Manual
  • Emulations
Single, slide-switch control microphone for easy use
Barcode scanner built into the hand microphone
10 one-touch programmable dialers
Auto-log feature can automatically run a dialer upon powering on
Internal battery backup retains programming even with loss of power
Record indication light on the microphone turns red when in record mode
Built-in volume and tone controls
Speaker for playback on station as well as microphone
Compatible as a C-Phone® plug-n-play replacement
Compatible with Dolbey Fusion, DVI, Winscribe & Voice Solutions systems

DA-114/HF: Non-waterproof foot control
DA-114/HFW: Waterproof foot control
DA-114/HF-GN: GN-113 goose-neck microphone with non-waterproof foot control
DA-114/HFW-GN: GN-113 goose-neck microphone with waterproof foot control
Boom Microphone
GN-113: Unidirectional, noise canceling, and with adjustable neck. Choose DA-114/HF-GN or DA-114/HFW-GN for this package.

Lapel Microphone
TCM-50B: Clips on clothing or instruments. Choose DA-114/HF or DA-114/HFW and add product #TCM-50B to your order for this package.

Table Microphone
CM-1000: 360 degrees of coverage with daisy-chaining for increased range. Choose DA-114/HF or DA-114/HFW and add product #CM-1000 to your order for this package.

Package Contents
DA-114/HF Dictate Station
FP-114 Foot Control
12v A/C Adapter
Product Manual

7.75" tall x 6.75" wide x 3" deep
DA-114/HF Manual (1.6 MB)

Emulation Options
Voice Solutions

Emulation Help
The emulation you choose for your telephony station determines what tones are produced from certain functions. Most digital dictation systems allow you to modify what function corresponds with a tone. However, with some systems you will need to have a station that matches the tones and functions already configured. Or perhaps you simply want to match the emulation of previous stations for consistency.

To illustrate what different emulations do, let's say a particular station has a Play button. One emulation may send a 1 for its tone. Whereas another may send a 3. The emulation is based on the station's chipset and therefore cannot be changed.

C-Phone Emulation
Processor Record Rewind Play Stop New Job
M123D D 7 B B 8

DVI Emulation
Processor Record Rewind Play Stop New Job
M123B D B 3 A *9

Lanier Emulation
Processor Record Rewind Play Stop New Job
M124M 2 3 1 4 5

Voice Solutions Emulation
Processor Record Rewind Play Stop New Job
M124B D B C A **

Winscribe Emulation
Processor Record Rewind Play Stop New Job
M124W 1 7 2 8 5

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