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Guidelines for DAC Product Integration

Thank you for your support and interest in Digital Accessories Corporation and DAC products.

We highly encourage authorized dealers to use images of our products on their websites, marketing material, and other media. The professional images we have available for download will assist you in sales and demonstrations. The guidelines here are designed to help you use DAC product images without having to request permission for use or integration. If you would like to use an image in a way that is not covered here, please contact us.


- Use product images on your website to promote the product and highlight features
- Use product images on marketing material (cards, brochures, etc.) for DAC products
- Use the description and features on our individual product pages when promoting them on your website or other media


- Manipulate the image (scaling is allowed)
- Use product images for products you are not authozied to sell
- Use anything other than the most current images on our website
- Describe or list features for DAC products inaccurately (we recommend using the verbiage from our site)
- Create your own buttons, icons, or logos using our product images
- Use product images or other DAC website resources on your website except in connection with DAC products