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Pedal Pro

Product Type: Foot Control Software

DAC Pedal Pro Overview
Pedal Pro allows our USB foot controls to be used to send custom hotkeys to applications in Windows. For example, to pause or enable Dragon speech recognition software with a simple tap of the foot.

A 3-pedal and 4-pedal foot control are available for Pedal Pro. Each pedal can be assigned a character or set of characters that will be sent to the computer upon either pressing or releasing that pedal. These configured hotkeys can be used with any Windows application that has focus. It is especially useful for applications that always have focus, such as Dragon speech recognition. This allows routine functions like turning the microphone on and off or applying a correction to easily be done without having to remember complicated key commands or taking your hands away from the current task.

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Perfect solution for hands-free operation of many Dragon NaturallySpeaking commands
Create up to eight custom hotkeys
Hotkeys can be sent upon pressing or releasing the pedal
Hotkeys can include special combination characters such as SHIFT+4 or CRTL+SHIFT+M
Works with our 3 and 4-pedal USB foot controls
Runs minimized to your taskbar
Can be set to start automatically when logging into Windows
Works on Windows 8
Package Contents
Pedal Pro Software CD
User Guide (PDF)

Foot Control Interface: USB
Licensing: Yes. Product Key with online activation.
OS Supported
Microsoft Windows XP SP3
Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10

Hard Disk Space: 10 MB
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels
Additional Requirements: 1 USB port, internet access (to activate product key)
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